Find Out How The Semalt Report Center Tool Can Increase Traffic To Your Business And Website

You must agree that traffic is an essential factor in accomplishing any of your website goals. To be on the first page of SERP and authority, you must have good traffic. With it comes to power to accomplish more. 

One of the reasons acquiring traffic has become so difficult is that it requires data analysis. Any tactics you have to grow your traffic must involve data collection and analysis.  Understanding the correct data and utilizing its contents draws the map to accomplishing your web goals. 

The Report Center is a comprehensive review of an excellent tool created by Semalt. In it, you'll learn how we break down all the data you can gather using the Semalt report tool.  

How To Navigate The Semalt Report Center

Before we get into the main details, let's familiarize ourselves with the basics, like accessing the system. We will also run through how each system works. Here are the five different sections you should focus on:
  1. Create a report
  2. Create delivery schedule
  3. Report delivery schedule
  4. White label template 
  5. Delivery template 
We will be breaking down each section, so you have a general understanding of how the tool works. 

1. Create a report

With Semalt report center, you can create actionable datasets instantly. This report relies on recent real-time data, and using real-time data gives you the best chance at cultivating the best resources. With up-to-date information, your report will be more actionable and practical. 

Report setting is the first section we will be discussing: 

Report Type 

This section allows users to create a report to address their current needs. We have some types of reports you'll find:
  • Keywords in TOP: This report tells you which keyword you have ranking in the top 100 slots. It also tracks the changes in your ranking over any period. 
  • Best Pages: It is simple to see what this report does. Best pages metrics provide data on which of your pages rank best. These pages consider the pages on your blog, landing pages, service pages, and more.
  • Competitors: This Report shows you how you compare to your competitors. With it, you can learn what good things your competitors are doing that you're yet to do. It also shows you which keywords are shared between you and your competition.
  • The Page Uniqueness Check: This will provide information on how "unique" your pages are. A high score means that your pages carry original content.  
  • Page Speed Analyzer: if you've been struggling to understand your page speed, this is the tool. The page speed analyzer tells you how fast pages on your site load. It also explains how you can fix those issues.
  • Webpage Analyzer: This simply analyzes your website from multiple aspects. It tells you how your site performs SEO-wide, indexing, mobile adaptability, structured data, and security.
Each report gives its unique insight. 

Every report is added because it provides critical information that can go a long way in improving your SEO. with the entire website well oiled, it'll move faster, and in no time, you will attracting traffic. 


If you're an agency owner, manage multiple sites, or are an SEO expert, this tool has been added to help you. With this feature, you can insert and manage multiple projects at once. You will be able to switch between projects seamlessly. 

Sometimes, you will have to manage multiple projects at the same time. You and your team can run several campaigns when needed. Using Semalt's white-label services means you can provide these reports in an easy-to-understand form for your customers.  You can supplement your SEO efforts even as a reseller of Semalts products. 

Search Engine

Google has numerous pages devoted to its regional efforts. If you plan to dominate your local SEO, you must specify this section. In most cases, international Google will work.
If you're an international brand, you can use this to see how effective any or all of your regional campaigns are. If you also plan on targeting specific regions of Europe, you will need this section.

Report Language

While designing our tool, we wanted it to be accessible to as many users as possible. So, we added 13 different languages. This makes things a lot easier for experts working with international or global teams. White-label resellers can also benefit from the ability to sell this tool to worldwide buyers.

Here are the languages the Semalt Tool currently supports:
  • English
  • Chinese (汉语)
  • Русский
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Português
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Dutch
  • Swedish (Svenska)
  • Türkçe
  • Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
  • Finnish (Suomen Kieli)
  • Norwegian (Norsk)
  • Danish (Dansk)

The Semalt report can come in any one of these two different formats: 
  • PDF: with most browsers, you can easily read a PDF file, or you can use any PDF reader. 
  • CSV: CSV formats are the second format that displays results as plain text spreadsheet files. Using this format is advantageous as they can be easily imported into database programs, Excel, or Google Spreadsheet. 
Data Settings

The data setting feature functions like a filter. It helps the user detail what comes out of the selected report type. These reports can be stored for record purposes and be reflected in the future. 

Each report type uses a different data set. You can choose to exclude subdomains when you want to focus on a narrow site. 

Things you should expect and their meaning:

Date Range

This data set allows you to set a time frame for your selected report type. In some cases, you have to travel further into the past. Or just a few months ago. Either way, the date range helps you get the information you need.

The date range data set can be applied in reports like:

Best pages
  • Keywords in TOP
  • Competitors
The chances are that you won't see these analyses as part of your website analyzer because they don't experience regular changes. 

Group Of Keywords

This section is only useful for the Keywords in the TOP report. This particular section shows you how to group your different keywords into sections. 

Since each keyword can attract a new subset of audiences, using as many as possible increases your chances of attracting different audiences. Depending on the amount of traffic you hope to attract, you may need to build different keywords.  

For example, a provision store may focus keywords based on its sales priority. These can include snacks, toiletries, hardware, and more. 

Your goal often determines your focus keywords. As your goal changes, so will the keywords you should be focusing on. Using different groups helps manage multiple goals. 


This section allows web developers to focus on the keywords and pages which actually rank. The ranking categories have been divided into:
  • Top 100 
  • 50
  • 30
  • 10
  • 3
  • 1
You may find out how well your website ranks in all areas, but the website analyzer doesn't rely on rankings alone.

Rankings are essential in any SEO report. It reflects the overall performance of your site on the internet and how you stack up to all the competition. 

Regardless of the online goal, you may want to achieve, we all aspire for high ranking.  Ranking high puts you in the best position to achieve any of those goals. 


The dynamics section shows the changes in your keyword rank from one period to another. Since these dynamics are already part of your keyword report, there isn't any real pressure to use this function every time you generate a report.  


The sorting heading helps manage your data in any particular order; by sorting in the manner most useful to you, it's easier to understand and use your report. 

Below are some potential options:
  • Popularity - ascending / descending: This option puts the keywords you rank best for at the top or bottom, depending on your settings. 
  • Searches - ascending / descending: Here, keywords are arranged based on their search volume.
  • Last date - ascending / descending: Sort the keywords by the most recent / furthest date. 
What determines your sorting methodology is usually the goal of the report. What are you looking to see in the report? Any report is meaningful only because it has a defined purpose. 

Analysis & Recommendations

The Semalt SEO tool will be incomplete without a web analyzer. Our web analysis section has a special data set as it doesn't require any competitive analysis. So we aren't just focused on comparing your site with your competitors, but we also focus on your site to figure out new ways to improve it. It shows you best practices ensuring that your website is clean and ready to be indexed by Google. 

The analysis section focuses on five areas:
  • Successful audits: This section of our analysis shows you where your website follows best practices. Our "how to maintain" section explains how you can keep up the good work you've started. 
  • Needs improvements: There are some areas in which your website performs below standard. We have a "how to improve" section which explains how to follow these guidelines.
  • Errors: This indicates areas where Google or other search engines consider broken. We have a step-by-step guide that you can follow to fix these problems. 
  • Basic info: A quick glance through the information your site hopes to share. 
  • Metrics details: This is a measurement metric that tells you how your website is performing. Is it succeeding or failing? 
White Label

The White Label SEO feature is reselling SEO services.  It can help a lot for SEO experts who need to expand their offerings.

You can do white label services if you're great at sales and leave the remaining white label hard work for Semalt. If granted, you still need to perform the basic leg work, and you will need to have in-depth knowledge of the product to use white labels effectively. 

The last section is used to change your white template. Changing the white template changes the branding on the report. Resellers that focus their marketing strategy on brand representation will love this feature.

As the final stage of your report, users can choose how they would like to get their report. You can download it immediately or have it sent as an email.   

2. Create Delivery Schedule

The function of the create delivery Schedule is to plan out the delivery of the reports we mentioned above. When you receive regular schedules, it becomes easier to measure your daily success and see areas where you should improve. 

Having a feature like this eliminates the need to make daily, weekly or monthly requests for the system. White Label SEO agencies wouldn't have to search through files when a client request one because they already have them on the ground. 

At this point, we would have discussed the delivery schedule, but since we've don't that already, we will just skip to the next part:

Delivery Template

The delivery template section allows you to modify or create brand new templates to meet the demands of your current needs.  With this, you get to determine what reports are sent to who and when these reports get sent.  It is common to run these templates by the stakeholders in your SEO campaign to ensure that you're on the right path.  If you're working with a global team, you can also send your template in up to 13 different languages. 

You can select between daily, weekly, or monthly delivery schedules. You can also choose the day in the week or month when these reports are sent to the stakeholders. 

3. Report Delivery Schedule

The report delivery schedule section contains the history of what reports have passed through. Here is a list of things it tells you:
  • Report name (usually the name of the website)
  • Date Range
  • Type of Report
  • Format (PDF / CSV)
  • Delivery template 
  • White label (your brand or Semalt's)
  • Actions (Potentially unique situations)
  • Status (actively sending or not) 
  • Any of these schedules
It can be activated or deactivated by clicking the switch below your status. New reports can also be created by clicking on the upper-right-hand corner button.

4. White Label Template

The white label templates section allows users to add their own unique branding to the tool. As a reseller, this has its benefits. By clicking on the new template option, a menu opens up with the following information:

Your brand name

From there, you can enter the following:
  • Your brand
  • Your logo
  • A footer (the name of your brand in the footer section)

5. Delivery Template

You will find the delivery template at the bottom of's dashboard. The delivery template section helps you create and deliver reports using the already preset templates. Having a template for every one of your clients, you keep up speed without making unnecessary mistakes. 

Having a template system is advantageous for web admins and white-hat resellers because reporting to multiple stakeholders becomes easy. You no longer have to write these reports from scratch every time. It saves a great deal of time, and you still get important information from those who need it. 

Understanding the Six Important Keys to Using the Semalt System to Grow Your Business

Search engines want the best, so they can be very picky on which content is of top quality. to grow as a website, we must first understand what these search engines want.

What are the things they look for in quality websites? Semalt's database has been designed to help you answer these questions, and by understanding it, you gain the key to business growth. 

Report №1: Keywords In TOP - Learning Which Keywords to Use Can help Your Business Grow

Semalt's Keyword in Top Report is a 40-page document analyzing the top 400 keywords ranking in your section. The page count of the report may be lower if you won't be analyzing up to 400 keywords. It can also have fewer pages choosing a lower field. 

This report contains this vital information:


Our report settings tell you the target website, the search engine, and the selected language. Your report also takes account of your subdomains depending on if you want them added or not. 

Number Of Keywords In TOP

This shows you the distribution of your keywords in key areas. These keywords fall anywhere between 1-100. This is a simple chart that's easy to see and know how your website is ranking among the top available. 

Rankings By Keywords

This is a 37-page analysis of the data from your chart and distribution pages. It shows users which keywords are performing well on which domains. If you are looking to rank for specific keywords, this is what will guide you.

Keywords Distribution By TOP 

The keyword distribution information shows you how keywords are performing based on numbers. Red, in this case, represents a decrease and green an overall increase.

Using this Report to Grow Your Business

This report will show you which keywords are currently ranking. We can use this information to target the important areas of your website.

Users enjoy statistics and accurate site analysis. Given that it is always possible to sell better optimization, Semalt is focused on gaining traffic whose objective matches your goals.

Growth opportunities you enjoy by using Semalts SEO report tool:
  • It can show you the keywords you're close to ranking for number one. This is a good thing as you can focus more effort on that keyword, ranking No1. 
  • They may show you keywords that can help you understand your buyer's journey better. With such information, you can target and rank for the appropriate suggested keywords. 
  • This tool is an opportunity for you to improve your keyword performance so you will not only understand your current standing but you know what to look out for when hiring an SEO specialist. 
  • If you own a white-label service, this information can help improve your chances of convincing potential buyers how improving this keyword can increase their sales significantly. 

Report №2: Discover Your Best Pages and how they Position You For Success

Often, the first or primary website isn't the site that succeeds. With this in mind, we can focus on more realistic goals so we can direct traffic to specific pages and still emerge winners.

Let's break down the sections of this report:


The project allows us to target search engines, websites, language choices, and geographical locations. If you're managing multiple websites, you can easily switch between areas and create a report and a delivery schedule.

Best Pages In TOP 

This section is used to describe the changes that occurred over two periods. It could be the changes in 24hours, a week, month, or year(s). We use this data to determine the position of a website in the competitive areas. 

Best Pages In Dynamics

This is used to detail information for a longer period. Depending on how wide changes on a site are, comparing recent changes and distant changes may be useful in your report. 

Using The Best Pages Report To Improve My Site's Performance 

The best pages report is an analysis of specific pages of your site. With that information, you can create narrow web pages that address the pressing goals of your business. Keyword knowledge is vital. Understanding which keywords you should be using can cause growth. 

Below are some other examples of how page reports and the stats it provides can save your business:
  • Creating a blog post to address your audience's most pressing questions and desires is a great way to showcase your product as the perfect solution. Since you already provide additional value, it is only a matter of time for consumers to notice the value you offer. 
  • Sometimes, consumers want to calculate what different items will cost after all expenses are factored in. You could have a calculator that shows them exactly how much each shipment will cost in its final figures.
It is important to remember that your leading site is hardly ever going to be the winning site. For new starters, the fasted way to grow is to offer value from alternate web pages. Do not hope for too much and pursue realistic goals.

Report №3: Reasons Why Understanding Your Competitors Its Advantages

With so many websites out there, there is nothing new under the sun. Whatever it is you plan on doing, your competition has most likely tried it. While they may feel like they have a head start, you can save resources and effort as you observe their performance. You learn from their mistakes and develop the perfect version for your business. 

Semalt's report helps you monitor your competition thanks to the wealth of data it provides users. It provides information on shared topics, Keywords, and more.

They are likely to overtake you anytime because of the posts they make and the sites they rank for. However, you can block this move with real-time data and frequent reports. These resources will help you develop a foolproof strategy for success.  

For example, let's look at cases where you have shared keywords. 

This simply means you're targeting the same audience. However, in this case, your competition isn't even in the same industry, but you wouldn't know that if you never looked into their website. 

Here are the different sections you will find in this report:

Shared Keywords

Shared keywords, as we mentioned earlier, refers to topics vital to you and your competition. It is difficult for either of you to abandon these keywords, so you both have to compete to see who outranks the other on these keywords. A simple way to know this is by going through their website. As you do, you should take note of the keywords on each page. As you do this, it is also likely that you understand your competitor's goal. 

Shared Keywords Dynamics

Shared keyword dynamics tell us the overall change in the use of keywords between competitors. Depending on the industry and competitors, we could have a chaotic report, or we could see a little difference.

Competitors In Google TOP

The table among the Competitors in the TOP section tells us who ranks the best for a particular keyword. You can also monitor the changes in shared keywords for just yourself. With this, you can see which businesses are most likely to try and overtake you for certain keywords.

How Can I Use The Competitors Report To Grow My Business?

This report is simply an overall SEO competitive analysis. This report is designed to provide information on keywords and content. It can, however, expand and cover backlinks and other areas with a FullSEO or AutoSEO purchase through 

Even without the focus on backlinks, this report can provide you with important information. One vital example of this includes topic gaps. 

Topic gaps refer to certain areas your competition failed to cover appropriately. You can use this information and create top-quality content that will put you in a position to rank better. People will come to you when they notice you offer more. 

Competitive SEO analysis can help in the following areas: 
  • A competitive analysis shows you who your actual SEO competitors are. Sometimes, these businesses aren't necessarily in the same niche as you are but are close by neighbors. 
  • A good analysis of your competition can show you topics you haven't yet covered (content gaps). 
  • You can poach topics if both of you manage a blog. Poaching, in this case, means that you find and improve on a topic your competition previously addressed. You must make your version as original as possible. 
  • Finally, white hat resellers can easily find and address content and link gaps. Semalt offers a variety of services at your disposal so you can outrank your competition. 

Report №4: How Understanding The Page Uniqueness Check Can Help Your Business Grow

A Uniqueness check simply sees how original your pages truly are. If Google thinks you copy most of your content, you won't rank well, so having a tool like this is helpful. 

The reality is achieving 100% originality is impossible. Sometimes, plagiarism detectors wouldn't flag these words or phrases as copied, but they say the same thing. Most standard navigational elements and common business phrases are repeated, especially in content creation. They are often left that way because making any changes could damage the arrangement of necessary keywords, or the sentence wouldn't make any sense. 

In this case, we will mention only three sections:
  • Summary
  • Content Checked For Plagiarism
  • Original Content Source

How Does the Page Uniqueness Report Help My Business Grow? 

The answer to this question largely depends on who answers the question. Many people have different views on what is considered unique. 

Some people believe that until something goes wrong, there really is no point in fixing it. 

The truth is, you need original content if you want to rank properly. When you copy the content, you may not get caught for plagiarism, but you wouldn't get as much value, even when the content is copied from your primary site to the secondary version. 

There are a lot of advantages that come with having a unique site. Some of these advantages include:
  • Your visitors enjoy an engaging and unique experience they can only get from you.
  • Your use of images, videos, charts, infographics, and other content areas gives you an advantage against your competition. You will have something they don't.  
  • Your site may offer relief to search users because they finally see something different.  
  • You can also get your resource traffic to engage with your brand faster than they will engage your competition.

Report №5: Using Page Speed Analyzer to Grow your business. 

The page speed analyzer has a table of content. This is because there are many issues and sub-issues that could slow down a site. When pages load slowly, they suffer higher bounce rates, and Google will notice that your site isn't engaging to users. 

The report has over 30 pages which we will discuss below:
  • Webpage Loading Emulation. The loading information gives you a variety of important information regarding how long it takes to for a user to see any meaningful element appear on your site. For great speed, you should aim for 1 second or less. 
  • Errors-To Fix. Errors of page speed can develop when improvements to your on-site speed performance have been made. These errors can be fixed easily and are caused mainly by errors in code, broken codes, misplaced page improvements. 
  • Semalt's system is incredibly picky. They will provide you with every opportunity for growth if you want to take it. These opportunities include potential time savings opportunities. Sometimes, the improvement can result in a page or the elements of a page loading faster. It could be in just milliseconds, and since the time does add up, you should notice significant improvements soon.
  • Successful Audits. Semalt understands the importance of wins. These days it seems like audits are only meant to identify the bad, but Semalt is interested in highlighting your wins. 

Your win could be in the form of an image size compression, getting a faster host, text compression, whatever it is, Semalt plans on celebrating it. While this information doesn't tell you what to improve, it encourages you and shows you that your efforts are paying off.  

Summary (Mobile Pages)

Mobile-friendliness is compulsory if you plan on staying on top as a business. If you focus solely on the desktop version of your site, you will be letting the over 3.5 billion smartphone users down. 

The mobile summary and desktop summary are the same with the key difference of device. 

How Can Understanding Page Speed-Grow A Business?

Since 2016, Google has emphasized the need for speed. Google considers page speed to be so important they consider it when ranking sites. If you still have a slow site, you wouldn't rank in places with tight competition. 

As web developers, it is important to know how fast your site is. There are different strategies to improving your web speed.

Report №6: The Webpage Analyzer For A Clean User Experience

The final step on this journey is one of the largest reports. We call it the Webpage Analyzer. The Semalt SEO tool provides you a comprehensive dashboard to see everything about any webpage. It shows you lapses that you can improve on to rank better and areas where you are currently doing well. 

This report can be customized to focus on your priorities. Getting a full report usually comes in a 60-page document. It covers both the problems and possible solutions. 


Search Engine Optimization is a common term referring to the efforts. Web admins make to improve a site so that it does well on search engines. The act of modifying a webpage to perform well on search engines. 

Any comprehensive report must evaluate SEO. This report stands out because it doesn't just focus on keyword use but focuses on overall best practices. 

These practices include snippets, meta descriptions, alt descriptions for images, and comparisons of internal and external links. It also highlights the common key phrases without associating them with any specific keyword.


Proper indexing allows Google to crawl your website efficiently. Google is allowed to do this through their AI, which requires you to have robots.txt on your base domain. Without it, Google does not have permission to access your site. 

Other areas of importance include having an XML sitemap, a canonical tag, and hreflang tags. Many of these topics require in-depth knowledge to handle, but Semalt provides excellent tips for maintaining what works and improving what doesn't. 

Structured Data

Structured data makes it easier for search engine bots to scan the contents of any webpage because of the organized structure. An excellent example of a structure will be the Schema markup. 

Knowing the status of your structured data is very important for those who depend on local SEO. With Schema, potential local visitors can find your business on maps, as well as reviews and directions. 

Mobile Adaptability

This measures how optimized your site is for mobile devices. The mobile adaptability section helps your site become as mobile-friendly as possible by optimizing it for mobile viewing. You will notice some similarities between this and the page speed comparison feature. 

It is important that you use this tool as it considers some important aspects of mobile adaptations like the viewpoint, Google AMP check, and the font size. 


The webpage analyzer analysis your page speed further. It also carries navigational details of the site, so it checks if everything is in the right place. Asset minification (JavaScript & CSS), minimizing main thread work, and compressing files are all addressed in this area. 

Social Media Presence 

As said above, social media presence doesn't typically affect your rankings. However, social media can play a role in improving your chances of acquiring and converting online consumers. Semalt recognizes that it is important you use Social Media as a marketing opportunity. You need it to achieve your full potential. Our Social Media Presence feature reminds you to engage your audiences on several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.  


The domain section checks two areas:
  • Age of Domain: It has been established that older domains tend to be more trustworthy by Google. The longer you can maintain the ownership of your domain, the better your chances in this area. 
  • Info: This shows you how long ago a page was found and indexed.  

Server & Security

Security is a big concern for most search engines. This section tells you where your servers are located and if they are secure. The SSL certificate is one of the most important parts of this review.  

How Does Understanding The Website Analyzer Help Webmasters create Better Web Experiences?

The amount of information you get from this report is jaw-dropping. However, many people go through it at the final stage of their analysis because it takes a lot of work to use this information. Analyzing the overall work will create a secure and quick experience for you; its user. It will also improve your on-page SEO, which introduces a lot of benefits. 

As a business, white-hat reseller, or Google webmaster, having full awareness of all potential areas to improve your website is paramount to creating the best possible experience. You may be good at SEO, but it doesn't help if your website runs like a dump truck. 

Final Thoughts's report center is a total package solution for your website. The only proper way to improve your website is through actionable steps taken in response to data. While this data comes in huge reports, through PDF or CSV format, Semalt makes it incredibly easy to understand and consume for anyone. 

Even if you aren't a Google webmaster, you most likely understand how important it is that your business grows. With the Semalt tool, you can find and fix any damages and give yourself the best chance of achieving full-page optimization.

Thanks to this guide, you now know what you stand to benefit from this tool, and we hope to see you at the Google Top. Using the Report Center and Semalt Services together provides you with more growth opportunities. You should consider both if you plan on reaching the top and staying on top. 

Thanks for reading.